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IN 1981, Randolph L. Craft captured, on video, a phenomenal week-long business symposium featuring the renowned futurist, architect, author, and inventor, Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller.

Dr. Fuller later called this event,
"The most concise recapitulation of my entire life's activities delivered to humans to date..."

Since then, Randolph L. Craft has been refining, translating, producing, teaching, and presenting his interpretation of this material internationally.

This presentation, "True Wealth" was delivered at San Diego State University at the week-long celebration of Bucky's 100th birthday hosted by GENI - Global Energy Network International.

You will learn the definition of "True Wealth," the categories of true wealth production, the role of energy in global wealth creation and its cost, the guidelines for profit making, and so much more.

Other educational products available from The Fuller Edutainment Company, inc. are "ReAwaken Your Genius," "The Essence of Genius," in addition to private and public seminars available through the FEC and other organizations.

The true genius of Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller as he relates to YOU is fully alive and available through Randolph Craft's adaptation of this body of work.


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