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Course Outlines  

This is YOUR Opportunity to have a personal relationship with one of the Masters of the Universe,
Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller

Bucky Fuller had a way with words...
unfortunately for those of us who have read his works or tried to, it is a way that is difficult for 99% of those on "Spaceship Earth."

This project is dedicated to bringing Bucky's ideas out in a more accessible way, so that the transformational thoughts of this 20th-century DaVinci can be grasped by adults and children of all ages. His concepts on how the world works and the ways in which humans can align themselves with natural laws have the power to change the way we treat each other right now; when a new generation reaches adulthood with these thoughts as part of their make- up, the world will be transformed.

The way we should be conducting education, the true meaning of wealth, the ways in which humans can express their essence as loving beings, the absolute and very practical necessity for integrity in human relationships; all of the very deepest and most fundamental issues are addressed in this body of work originally produced near the end of this extraordinary man's life. "Bucky" said of this project, "The most consice recapitulation of my entire life's activities ever delivered to humans to date..."

This program allows you to interact with Buckminster Fuller intimately, one-to-one, permitting you to pause and replay and to truly internalize what he is saying. This is your opportunity to take "Bucky" home with you. From time to time, specific ideas are highlighted and repeated, to anchor them in the mind. The gentle, playful humor with which he treats many of life's most important questions may come as a surprise to anyone who has studied Dr. Fuller's "uniquely" written prose.

The incandescent genius of this man comes through in this program, and so does his desire to serve all humanity with his work which inspires all who have an opportunity to come into contact with it. "Bucky" first and foremost taught by example. "Humans in Universe" have been, and you will be, touched by his consuming passion to explain how things can be better, to stop the "killingry" of war and turn us instead to "livingry," to a world that feeds its people, houses them, and most of all cherishes the life of each individual as a unique component of the synergetic web of information- sharing which is his vision of why we are here.

Bucky was approximately fifty years in advance of his time. His information was not appropriate for them then. He spoke then to us now. There are approximately 60 million people globally who recognize his name, yet few know much if anything about him. He was one of the most successful humans in contemporary time, if not all time.

This program fulfills our mission of serving the planet by making his vast body of work and information comprehensible and accessable to all. Generalized Principle #1 is: the most effective endeavor is that which serves the most (people). The program includes videos, a word-for-word transcription, a "translation" of the work, , and audio tapes of the translations, presenting them in easily-read language which does not "talk down" to the readers, but rather leads them into the enthusiastic, child-like aspect of his nature.

This project has been fifteen years in the making, and Dr. Fuller himself said that the world would not be ready for this material until the turn of the century. Join us on the leading edge of "Spaceship Earth" and become a Renegade Bucky Jedi in Support of the Eternally Regenerative Universe.

Ride the Wave to Your Natural Genius...

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